Agri-Input Products

At Rogimwa Agro-Company Limited we supply great Organic agro-products, agro-chemicals and animal feeds for both agriculture and livestock both in retail and wholesale.There is a vast varieties of these inputs in the market nowadays and each one has its advantages and disadvantages. In reality the effectiveness of these inputs largely depends on the nature and requirements needed where there are to be utilized. A thorough investigation on the nutrients that needs to be supplemented either on a soil or an animal is critical for the correct input to be identified and administered! Always seek professional advice on what input to be used, where, when and how…. Fortunately we are here to do just that!

Agro-Inputs Categories Available....


Different types of fertilizers both Organic and Inorganic.


For ultimate control of pests, weeds and crop protection.

Improved Seeds

For plants with high yield and improved productivity.

Animal Feeds

For improved health and productivity of animals.

Poultry Feeds

For improved health and productivity of poultry.


For improving cost of production and turn around time.

Irrigation Systems

For management of water resources and seasonability.

Knowledge Base

Information and knowledge for productivity improvement.