About Rogimwa Agro-Company Limited

The company started the business of purchasing and selling agricultural inputs way back in 2006, operating from its numerous outlets located both in Mbeya and Songwe regions, in the United Republic of Tanzania, East Africa. Since 2009 up to 2014 in collaboration with the government institutions we dealt with Inputs Subsidy Scheme a.k.a “Agri-Inputs Voucher System” under which 15,000 farmers were served in the following districts; Rungwe, Kyela, Mbozi, Ileje and Mbeya rural.

The Head Quarters

Our Vision

Our sacred vision to provide quality pesticides for both plants and livestock protection. We also provide quality animal feeds for pigs,cattle and poultry to the farmers and help them by visiting their fields, studying crop problems, finding appropriate solutions and offering optimum use of inputs. Ultimate aim is to increase agricultural output leading to prosperity of the farmers to contribute significantly towards the economy of nation.

Our Mission

As a young and dynamic, private owned company, engaged in agro-chemical and animal Feeds , Rogimwa wants to make an important contribution in reducing the ecological footprint of agriculture and livestock keeping. Therefore, Rogimwa is a market-driven, trustworthy company, committed to offer a full service in the area of generic and new agro-chemical products. We build the means to achieve long term objectives in a sustainable way.

The Team Behind Rogimwa Agro-Company Ltd

Rogers Mwamengo

CEO and Founder

Mr. Kamuzora

Sales and Marketing Manager

Ally M. Mkangumbe

Senior Trading Specialist

Mrs. Mwamengo

Chief Operating Officer